Every year the EAU hands out a number of prestigious awards – to recognise and celebrate dedication and innovation in urological research and practice. Traditionally handed out at the Annual EAU Congress, the awards are a vital acknowledgement of the fact that the international urological community is progressive and continues to push the limits of what is known to mankind today.

The Winners in Stockholm:

  • EAU Willy Gregoir Medal 2014  
    For a significant contribution to the development of the urological specialty in Europe

    M. Pavone-Macaluso, Palermo, Italy

  • EAU Frans Debruyne Life Time Achievement Award 2014
    For a longstanding and important contribution to the activities and development of the EAU

    L. Denis, Antwerp, Belgium

  • EAU Crystal Matula Award 2014
    For a young promising European urologist
    Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from LABORIE

    S.F. Shariat, Vienna, Austria
  • EAU Hans Marberger Award 2014
    For the best European paper published on Minimally Invasive Surgery in Urology
    Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from KARL STORZ GMBH & CO.KG

    C. Netsch, Hamburg, Germany
    Complications and Early Postoperative Outcome in 1080 Patients After Thulium Vapoenucleation of the Prostate: Results at a Single Institution

    A.J. Gross, S. Knipper, J. Hölzel, T. Bach (Hamburg, Mannheim, Germany)
    European Urology 63 (2013) 859–867:

  • EAU Innovators in Urology Award 2014
    For inventions and clinical contributions which have had a major impact on influencing the treatment and/or diagnosis  of a urological disease

    R. Gaston, Bordeaux, France

  • EAU Prostate Cancer Research Award 2014
    For the best paper published on clinical or experimental studies in prostate cancer
    Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from the FRITZ H. SCHRÖDER FOUNDATION

    Z. Culig, Innsbruck, Austria
    Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition Leads to Docetaxel Resistance in Prostate Cancer and Is Mediated by Reduced Expression of miR-200c and miR-205  

    M. Puhr, J. Hoefer, G. Schäfer, H.H.H. Erb, S. Jung Oh, H. Klocker, I. Heidegger, H. Neuwirt (Innsbruck, Austria)
    The American Journal of Pathology, Vol. 181, No. 6, December 2012 -

  • Prize for the Best Paper published on Fundamental Research in the Urological Literature
    J.L. Boormans, H. Korsten, A.J.C. Ziel-Van Der Made, G.J.L.H. Van Leenders, C. V. De Vos, G. Jenster,
    J. Trapman (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
    Identification of TDRD1 as a direct target gene of ERG in primary prostate cancer.
    International Journal of Cancer 133(2):335-45: doi: 10.1002/ijc.28025. Epub 2013 Feb 12
  • Prize for the Best Paper published on Clinical Research in the Urological Literature
    S. Joniau, L. Van Den Bergh, E. Lerut, C.M. Deroose, K. Haustermans, R. Oyen, T. Budiharto, F. Ameye,
    K. Bogaerts, H. Van Poppel (Leuven, Belgium)
    Mapping of Pelvic Lymph Node Metastases in Prostate Cancer
    European Urology 63 (2013) 450–458:
  • Prize for the Best Scientific Paper published in European Urology®
    Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from ELSEVIER
    J. Oddens, M. Brausi, R. Sylvester, A. Bono, C. v.d. Beek, G. V. Andel, P. Gontero, W. Hoeltl, L. Turkeri,
    S. Marreaud, S. Collette, W. Oosterlinck (’s-Hertogenbosch, Maastricht, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Brussels, Ghent, Belgium; Modena, Varese, Torino, Italy; Vienna, Austria; Istanbul, Turkey)
    Final Results of an EORTC-GU Cancers Group Randomized Study of Maintenance Bacillus
    Calmette-Guérin in Intermediate- and High-risk Ta, T1 Papillary Carcinoma of the Urinary Bladder: One-third Dose Versus Full Dose and 1 Year Versus 3 Years of Maintenance

    European Urology, Volume 63, Issue 3, March 2013, Pages 462-472
  • Prize for the Best Scientific Paper published on Fundamental Research in European Urology® by a young urologist (max. 35 years)
    Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from ELSEVIER
    C.H.J. Muselaers, O.C. Boerman, E. Oosterwijk, J.F. Langenhuijsen, W.J.G. Oyen, P.F.A. Mulder (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
    Indium-111–labeled Girentuximab ImmunoSPECT as a Diagnostic Tool in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma
    European Urology, Volume 63, Issue 6, June 2013, Pages 1101-1106
  • Prize for the Best Scientific Paper published on Clinical Research in EuropeanUrology® by a young urologist (max. 35 years)
    M. Popiolek, J.R. Rider, O. Andrén, S. Andersson, L. Holmberg, H. Adami, J. Johansson (Boston, United States of America; Örebro, Uppsala, Sweden)
    Natural History of Early, Localized Prostate Cancer: A Final Report from Three Decades of Follow-up
    European Urology, Volume 63, Issue 3, March 2013, Pages 428-435
  • First Prize for the Best Abstract (Oncology)
    O. Patschan, G. Sjödahl, G. Chebil, K. Lövgren, M. Lauss, S. Gudjonsson, P. Kollberg, P. Eriksson, M. Aine, W. Månsson, M. Fernö, F. Liedberg, M. Höglund (Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Sweden) – Abstract 40
    Molecular classification of T1 urothelial bladder cancer identifies high-risk subtypes 
  • Second Prize for the Best Abstract (Oncology)
    Y. Shiga, M.S. Sugimoto, T.I. Iwabuchi, Y.K. Kawano, Y.O. Oiwa, H.W. Watanabe, K.H. Hariu, M.S. Shimbori, K.U. Umeda, T.O. Otsutomo, H.M. Morikawa, R.Y. Yamamoto (Tokyo, Kobe, Japan) – Abstract 1124
    Benefit of three-dimensional printing in robotic laparoscopic renal surgery: Tangible surgical navigation using a patient-based three-dimensional printed kidney
  • Third Prize for the Best Abstract (Oncology)
    J.C. Oosterwijk-Wakka, W.P.J. Leenders, G.M. Franssen, O.C. Boerman, F.A. Mulders, E. Oosterwijk (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) – Abstract 192
    Combination therapy with sunitinib and 177-Lu-girentuximab in RCC
  • First Prize for the Best Abstract (Non-Oncology) 
    T. Bivalacqua, G. Steinberg, N. Smith, S. Lerner, B. Bochner, C. Lee, E. Rivera, D. Jain, T. Bertram,
    M. Schoenberg (Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Michigan, United States of America) – Abstract 178
    Pre-clinical and clinical translation of a tissue engineered neo−urinary conduit using adipose derived smooth muscle cells for urinary reconstruction
  • Second Prize for the Best Abstract (Non-Oncology)
    C.D. Vera-Donoso, F. Marco-Jiménez, J.S. Vicente-Antón (Valencia, Spain) – Abstract 908
    Looking for solutions to the kidneys shortage: Xeno-transplantation of metanephroi 
  • Third Prize for the Best Abstract (Non-Oncology) 
    N. Aizawa, P. Hedlund, Y. Homma, Y. Igawa (Tokyo, Japan; Milan, Italy) – Abstract 364
    URB937, a peripherally-restricted inhibitor of fatty acid amide hydrolase, reduces prostaglandin E2-induced hyperactivity of bladder mechanoafferent nerve fibers in rats
  • The European Urology® Platinum Award 2014
    I.S. Gill, Los Angeles, United States of America
    R. Sylvester, Brussels, Belgium
    H. Van Der Poel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • First Prize for the Best Abstract by a resident
    T. Hayashi, K.M. Gust, W. Jaeger, S. Awrey, N. Li, M. Altamirano-Dimas, R. Buttyan, L. Fazli, A. Matsubara, P.C. Black (Vancouver, Canada; Hiroshima, Japan) - Abstract 39
    Notch2 promotes bladder cancer progression: Pre-clinical rationale for a novel targeted therapy
  • Second Prize for the Best Abstract by a resident
    C. Meyer, T. Eichenauer, T. Steuber, G. Salomon, U. Michl, H. Huland, S. Steurer, G. Sauter, H. Heinzer,
    M. Graefen, L. Budäus (Hamburg, Germany) - Abstract 722
    Size and extension of lymph node metastases in prostate cancer patients: Implications for radiological imaging based on 6804 lymph nodes
  • Third Prize for the Best Abstract by a resident
    M. Rieken, S.F. Shariat, B. Al Hussein Al Awamlh, L. Kluth, J. Crivelli, J. Chrystal, T. Faison, Y. Lotan,
    P. Karakiewicz, M. Babjuk, H. Fajkovic, C. Seitz, T. Klatte, A. Pycha, A. Bachmann, M. Gönen, E. Xylinas (New York, Dallas, United States of America; Vienna, Austria; Montreal, Canada; Prague, Czech Republic; Bolzano, Italy; Basel, Switzerland) - Abstract 998
    Comparison of the EORTC tables and the new introduced EAU categories for risk stratification of patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer
  • Resident’s Corner Award for the Best Scientific Paper published in European Urology® by a resident
    T. Nordström, M. Aly, M.S. Clements, C.E. Weibull, J. Adolfsson, H. Grönberg (Stockholm, Sweden)
    Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA) Testing Is Prevalent and Increasing in Stockholm County, Sweden, Despite No Recommendations for PSA Screening: Results from a Population-based Study, 2003–2011
    European Urology, Volume 63, Issue 3, March 2013, Pages 419-425

    D.E. Spratt, C. Zhang, Z.S. Zumsteg, X. Pei, Z. Zhang, M.J. Zelefsky (New York, Unites States of America)Metformin and Prostate Cancer: Reduced Development of Castration-resistant Disease and Prostate Cancer Mortality
    European Urology, Volume 63, Issue 4, April 2013, Pages 709-716

  • First Video Prize
    F. Dal Moro, A. Crestani, C. Valotto, F. Zattoni (Padua, Italy) – Video: V33
    CORPUS - novel Complete Reconstruction of the Posterior Urethral Support after robotic radical prostatectomy: Preliminary data of very early continence recovery
  • Second Video Prize
    O. Ukimura, A.L. Abreu, A. Marien, S. Shoji, T. Matsugasumi, S. Chopra, R. Azhar, Y. Sun, M. Desai, I. Gill (Los Angeles,Unites States of America) – Video: V32
    Novel percutaneous navigation system integrating GPS-technology with tablet display for targeted focal therapy of prostate and kidney: Initial experience in human body
  • Third Video Prize
    R. Saglam, J. Rassweiler, A.I. Tasci, K. Sarica, M. Binbay, A. Armagan, Y. Ozgok (Ankara, Istanbul, Turkey; Heilbronn,Germany) - Video: V31
    Robotic flexible ureterorenoscopy: The new concept for the treatment of kidney stones
  • EUSP Best Scholar Award
    Y. Neuzillet, Suresnes, France
    Predictive markers of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy before cystectomy for bladder cancer, and the molecular characterization of nonresponder tumors 
  • ESUI Vision Award 2014
    Supported by an unrestricted grant from HITACHI MEDICAL SYSTEMS EUROPE
    F. Cornelis, Bordeaux, France
  • Campbell Team Challenge Quiz
    M. Sochaj, Lodz, Poland
  • Best Booth Award 2014
  • ESTU - René Küss Prize 2014
    B. Stubendorff, Homburg, Germany