Press Releases

In this section you will find all the information released to the media by the EAU before, during and after the congress. Should you have any inquiries, please contact Ms. Ivanka Moerkerken. Additionally, we invite you to read and share all the other scientific information published on this website in the news feed.

A quarter of men drop out of prostate cancer monitoring, casting doubt on safety of “active surveillance”

A long-term follow up of prostate cancer patients shows that the option of monitoring slow-growing prostate cancer may not be as safe as thought, due to a quarter of men dropping out of the monitoring programme.

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Lifelong Premature ejaculation can be treated by pelvic floor exercises

A trial presented at the European Congress of Urology in Stockholm reports for the first time that pelvic floor exercises can be effective in treating premature ejaculation in men who have had lifelong problems.

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