Certificates of Attendance

To download your certificate of attendance, please enter the barcode number from your paper congress badge. You can find this number below the barcode. It usually starts and ends with an asterisk (*). You can skip the asterisks.

You can find your Certificate of Attendance at Uroweb.org

Certificate of Attendance of the 15th EAUN Meeting

Please follow the link to Uroweb above to download the certificate of attendance of the 15th EAUN Meeting, 12-14 April 2014, Stockholm.

Certificate of attendance of an ESU Course for nurses at the 15th EAUN Meeting
Please send an email to Mirke Groosman, to receive the certificate of attendance of an EAUN ESU Course. Please mention your name, registration number and which ESU course it concerns in the email:

ESU Course 1 : Upper urinary tract obstruction
ESU Course 2 : Lithotripsy for operating room nurses